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The objective of is to facilitate, in good faith, the search for classified ads like properties, vehicles, jobs etc. to all users interested in offers or ads featuring said products or services. The information supplied is posted freely and in a format that is open to the general public in a number of classifieds sites from around the India's sole purpose being to deliver them, aiding users to view and locate said products and service's service benefits both the user who is looking for and the site which is publishing information regarding said products and services, channeling offer and demand in a quick, nimble and efficient manner. is not a classified advertisement website as it does not manage or sell space for these ads. Rather, it is a search engine that aggregates content posted by these classifieds websites and redirects traffic to them. Only loads a minimal portion of the content of each ad, making reference to the source site for the ad and linking each ad summary to the original ad.

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